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Exam Room Assistant

Natalie started here in 2019 as a Receptionist. She has also worked as a Receptionist Assistant and is now training to be an Exam Room Assistant.

She appreciates the sense of comradery amongst the employees- no matter their position in the hospital. She feels that especially in times of crisis it's clear between everyone that we're all in it together.

Her family consists of her mom, dad, younger brothers Mike (freshman in college), and Daniel (senior in college). Her pets consist of a horse named Eli that she has had for 3 years, a Mini Goldendoodle named Simon that is four years old, Charley who is a 12 year old Whoodle, and 2 Betta fish Finley & Al(gae) that are two years old.

Natalie has been horseback riding competitively since she was eight years old. She also enjoys bird watching and going to escape rooms with her friends.

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