Cat Friendly Practice

All Cats Welcome at Our Cat Friendly Animal Hospital in Bloomfield Hills

Cat Friendly

Despite the fact there are more pet cats than dogs in the US, fewer cats see their veterinarian on a regular basis. Cats are too often viewed as aloof, independent animals who don’t require routine veterinary care. How wrong that is! Cats need annual wellness checkups just like dogs do. Yet it a doesn’t help that most cats become very stressed with vet visits, making owners stressed, too. At DePorre Veterinary Hospital, we’re a Cat Friendly Practice, which means we tailor our care and services to fit the unique needs of cats.


Putting Our Cat Guests at Ease

Cats are special creatures and they require a special level of care to meet their needs. At a Cat Friendly Practice, you can expect expert handling and plenty of compassion for your feline friend. Our staff are trained in recognizing subtle feline behavior that could indicate anxiety, fear, or illness. We also use low-stress techniques to keep your cat calm throughout their visit.

Some of our cat-friendly techniques include:

  • Keeping cats separate from dogs: Cats are understandably wary of unfamiliar dogs, so we have separate exam rooms that are free of the smells of dogs that make cats uncomfortable.
  • Exams on their level: While cats often fuss about their carriers, they also may refuse to leave them once in the clinic! We give them the time and space they need to get comfortable, and can examine them where they feel most secure, whether it is in their carrier, on the floor, or in our laps!
  • Plenty of distractions: We encourage you to bring your cat’s favorite toy, or we have some here for them to play with. Distractions relieve stress and help your cat relax. Treats, too, are often used to preoccupy your cat while we perform an exam or administer vaccinations.
  • Feline friendly pheromones: We use Feliway sprays and diffusers to create a calming environment for cats. These pheromones mimic those your own cat produces, and it helps them to settle into their new environment more comfortably.

Experience a Cat Friendly Veterinary Visit

You can read about Cat Friendly Practices and learn more about what you can do at home to ease your cat’s journey to the vet on However, the best way to learn is to come experience it for yourself! Contact us today at (248) 646-1669 or schedule an appointment online. We look forward to meeting you and your cat!