Dr. Michael Clarke


Dr. Clarke received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from the University of Michigan and Western Michigan University, respectively. After working as a university professor at Grand Valley State University and a variety of community colleges, he graduated from Michigan State University with his DVM in 2021 as Class President. After graduating, he served as a Veterinarian and Captain in the United States Army. He has special interests in ultrasound, trauma and shock resuscitation, and the management of chronic diseases from a root cause analysis approach for allergies, arthritis, and anything else that may take away from the quality of life of a pet.

Dr. Clarke started at DePorre in 2024. DePorre Veterinary Hospital's stellar reputation at local referral hospitals had the hospital in his crosshairs for when his military service was complete. He values the ability to practice evidence-based medicine at appropriate prices that values the skills and capabilities of the entire veterinary team. He treats all of his patients as if they are his own, with no recommendation given lightly, using evidence-based knowledge and critical thinking to ensure the prolonging of a high quality of life in our family members.

Dr. Clarke's family includes the love of his life, Edyta, a veterinary surgeon and more importantly a wonderful human being, who you will undoubtedly hear mentioned if you talk with him for more than 10 minutes. They are owned by a clowder of cats named Mumford, Maciek, Monkey, Charming, Lilo, and Lola. Their fellow prisoners are three mixed breed dogs, Chief, Arby, and Anna. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his three nephews and three nieces, listening to history audiobooks, playing trivia, and learning more about his partner's Polish culture, language, and heritage so that he doesn't get outpaced by their future children's language skills.