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Licensed Surgery Veterinary Technician

Mission, Vision, & Values

Our mission is to provide lifelong comprehensive care for dogs and cats and to promote the special bond between people and pets. Our vision is to serve our community as a comprehensive facility for the well-being of dogs and cats. Through exceptional medical, behavioral and dietary care, we strive to help pets achieve optimal health and fitness throughout their entire lives. Our core values are: Kindness in the treatment of animals. Respect in the treatment of clients and staff. Fairness in all operations. Expertise in the services we provide.

Job Description

A technician works closely with a specific veterinarian on a daily basis, unless scheduled as a floater. A technician is responsible for checking surgery patients which includes getting consent for the scheduled procedure(s),assisting the surgeon during examinations and obtaining pre-procedure lab work. The technician is responsible for inputting information into our software program, including but not limited to: patient history, patient alerts, medical notes, weight, patient prompts and notes, patient codes, cage cards, prescription labels, patient monitoring and confirming drug dosing, etc. The technician needs to be proficient at performing dental cleanings and polishing under the direction of a veterinarian. The technician is responsible for taking diagnostic radiographs including dental using proper positioning and techniques. The technician needs to be able to perform all duties of a surgery technician including IV catheter placement and IV fluid therapy, induction, intubation, nerve blocking, surgery prep, monitoring and recovering a patient. The technician needs to be able to collect, prepare and label samples for laboratory testing, culture or microscopic examination. They also need to be able to proficiently perform laboratory tests on blood, urine and feces to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of animal health problems. The technician needs to safely administer laser therapy as indicated by the veterinarian. The technician needs to be able to properly operate all medical equipment and become familiar with use of all the different drugs and medications used in surgery.


High School Diploma or equivalent, license as a veterinary technician with an associate’s degree in related field. A technician must maintain an average of at least 10 hours of continuing education on an annual basis.


The technician needs to effectively communicate both in writing and orally including using appropriate medical terminology with proper spelling. They must be able to accurately add, subtract, multiply and divide and compute rate, ratio and percent. The technician must be able to follow instructions accurately including in written, oral or diagram form. The technician must be able to stand for extended periods and be able to reach and feel with hands and arms. They must be able to frequently walk (patients up to 130 lbs), stoop, kneel or crouch and lift or move up to 50 pounds. The technician must treat all patients with dignity and respect and with proper handling and be able to interpret a pet’s body language properly. The technician must complete the Fear Free certification within the first six months of hire if not already certified. Fear free techniques are used to their full capacity including but not limited to: positive distraction, pheromone therapy, I Calm music, treats, minimal restraint as indicated, cage muzzles, drug therapy. The technician must be familiar with Microsoft Office programs such as Word and Excel and become proficient in a short time period with our veterinary management software and the use of Google documents.

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