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Licensed Veterinary Technician


Mellissa is one of our LVTs and started with the DePorre team in 2013. She gained her education from Macomb Community College and has her Associates in Applied Science. She appreciates most the quality of care, compassion and medicine provided - knowing that they surpass the standard of care for veterinary medicine. She loves that at DePorre pets and pet parents are top priority of the knowledgable and efficient team.

Mellissa has a human son, Sterling, who she says is a miraculous part of her existence. She has a plethora of fur and feathered babies as well; Brûlée her French bulldog (best boy ever!), and her pampered hens, Bluebell and Moana. In her free time she loves spending time in nature with her family and pets. She loves any adventures to interact of observe animals or wildlife, often photographing moments of time such as sunsets and adventures. Music has a special place in her life and she enjoys listening, playing instruments or attending live concerts. Family is her priority and she enjoys spending time with them while incorporating all of their favorite activities.

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