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Technical Surgical Assistant

Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission is to provide lifelong comprehensive care for dogs and cats and to promote the special bond between people and pets. Our vision is to serve our community as a comprehensive facility for the well-being of dogs and cats. Through exceptional medical, behavioral and dietary care, we strive to help pets achieve optimal health and fitness throughout their entire lives. Our core values are: Kindness in the treatment of animals. Respect in the treatment of clients and staff. Fairness in all operations. Expertise in the services we provide.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

A technician surgical assistant works closely with our licensed veterinary technicians (LVTS) and veterinarians. A technician assistant is responsible for being able to properly restrain both dogs and cats using compassionate Fear Free techniques. The technician assistant is responsible for taking care of the patients on the DVH side (dogs and cats). This includes walking, cleaning cages and runs, recording intake and output, feeding/watering, washing and sanitizing pet dishes, and maintaining cleanliness of rooms as needed. The assistant is also responsible for properly restraining pets for radiographs and setting up the computer to obtain images. The assistant is responsible for setting up and cleaning the dental and surgery room, washing surgical equipment, operating ultrasonic cleaner, properly preparing packs and running autoclave. They are also responsible for helping to document the monitoring parameters in Smart Flow or paper records. In addition, they should also help document any issues with any of the equipment that has been observed throughout the day. They also are responsible for laundry, washing/drying and restocking towels and surgical supplies as indicated. The assistant will need to be able to properly draw up the correct vaccine needed for a patient and properly re-shield used needles. The assistant cleans up after medical procedures including the table, surrounding areas and garbage. They also restock medical supplies and pull reorder tags as needed. They are responsible for the overall cleanliness and organization of the surgical suite, dental prep, treatment area, radiology room, ultrasound and the dog ward. The assistants are to assist with laser treatments once properly trained. They are to bathe pets as needed for sanitary purposes.

Experience, Education and/or Training

A high school diploma or equivalent

Skills and Abilities

The veterinary technician assistant needs to effectively communicate in English both in writing and orally including using appropriate medical terminology with proper spelling. The assistant must be able to stand for extended periods and be able to reach and feel with hands and arms. They must be able to frequently walk (including walking dogs up to 130 pounds), stoop, kneel or crouch and lift or move up to 50 pounds. The assistant must treat all pets with dignity and respect and with proper handling and be able to properly interpret a pet’s body language.

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