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That 4-Letter "F" Word

We know what you’re thinking….

But we aren’t talking about “fate”, “fuzz” or even “feet”. We are talking about “FEAR”.
DePorre Veterinary Hospital now has Fear Free certified individuals including veterinarians, technicians, assistants and receptionists and we are extremely proud of it because it means we are providing a better veterinary experience for all of the patients that we love.

So what exactly is “Fear Free Certification” and what does it mean for your pet?
Our staff has studied extremely hard and taken multiple exams (just when we thought we were done with school!) to master techniques, skills, approaches and more to make our patients and our clients feel comfortable, safe and completely at ease during veterinary visits. We are working hard to have our entire practice certified as Fear Free in 2018. The goal is to make veterinary visits fun and rewarding while eliminating stress and fear as much as possible. We meet monthly to review the program, evaluate our efforts and find ways to improve DePorre’s Fear Free Program.

Fear free visits start at home.

We recommend getting pets used to carriers and car rides several weeks in advance and using pheromones (such as Adaptil or Feliway) and/or neutraceuticals/vitamins (such as Solliquil or Composure chews) to prepare for veterinary visits. In some cases, medication to decrease anxiety is dispensed. It can be helpful to bring along your pet’s favorite snacks, and to bring your pets in hungry so the treats are more enticing and effective. If your pet isn’t a foodie or is restricted on calories, a special toy from home can be a big comfort for them here not only for something to hold but also to provide a familiar scent.

Once you’ve arrived with your pet, we make our species-specific exam rooms as calming and comfortable as possible using pheromones, music, heated towels, treats, mats and other non-slip surfaces to help your pet feel balanced and secure.

Starting to sound like a day at the spa, right? Exactly!

From here, we incorporate all sorts of individual techniques catered to your pet’s personal needs that involve reading behavioral cues and personality traits to provide the best examination process possible.

Don’t worry, we always leave time for cuddles and treats!

Last but not least, we make notes in the file at each visit about which techniques were most effective and what areas need improvement so that the next visit goes even more smoothly than the last. We also welcome client feedback and advice on what may work best for your pet. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to make the experience better for you or your pet. After all, nobody knows your pet better than you do!

The Fear Free Program prides itself on taking the “pet” out of “petrified” and putting the “treat” back in “treatment.” Aren’t you glad your veterinary hospital has certified “Fear Free” individuals and is dedicated to making every visit a positive one for all?

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